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If you’ve been a game master for a while, odds are that you’ve already rolled the dice behind the screen just to see your players squirm or asked seemingly innocent questions to subtly direct your players to take an action. This book will help you to push these methods further, to deepen the emotional experience of your game, and to bring more excitement, joy, and tension to your table.

If you’re a new game master, perhaps you are wondering what you can do to enhance your players’ experience and encourage immersion. This book will provide you with inspiration and guidance to help you bring your game to life in the imaginations of your players. 

This guide contains a host of guiding actions to enhance your gaming sessions. Each guiding action comes with explanations, examples and suggestions. 

Learn how to:

  • Guide your players using subtle clues
  • Manage the spotlight to engage every player at the table
  • Generate excitement before the session even begins
  • Learn how to personalize your descriptions for your players for maximum effect
  • Use guiding actions to build tension during your sessions
  • Create an immersive atmosphere for any type of game
  • Use the physical space and objects at the table to enhance your game
  • Change the structure of your game to keep your players on their toes

The Gamemasters Guide to Guiding Actions help new and veteran GMs to discover more ways to create a living impression in the minds of their players; more ways to let players truly feel the plights and victories of their characters; more ways to enjoy playing TTRPGs. 


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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